emily day / brand strategist

Gregangelo Museum | Are you ready to look inside?

Brand Positioning

During my summer with ARGONAUT, I helped a pro-bono client find their strategic footing. Stakeholder interviews and some unorthodox customer reviews revealed the revelatory nature of a non-museum museum hidden in the hills of San Francisco.


Pull the curtain back, just enough, so that San Franciscans can’t resist seeing this mysterious, hidden gem themselves.


The Gregangelo Museum isn't a traditional museum. It's an artifact of San Francisco brought to life through eye-opening immersive art and conversation. The experience itself is shrouded in mystery and ever-changing, shaped by each individual that walks through the artist collective, haven, and home.


The Gregangelo Museum is a San Francisco secret that’s a bit too well kept.

Mystery is key to this experience, but guests struggle to understand a non-museum museum's offering and why they should choose it over a plethora of other attractions.


It's easier to describe what it does, rather than what it is.

Facilitating conversations that can best be described as "dashboard confessionals," the Gregangelo Museum acts as a catalyst for self-revelation.



Are you ready to look inside?

A double-entendre captures the mindset needed for this extraordinary experience, where "inside" refers to yourself, others, and the museum itself.

Collaborators and Mentors

Britt Lynch (ST), Alan Stout (ST)