emily day / brand strategist

Penguin Books | Penguin on Vinyl

Product Innovation

Penguin's D&AD New Blood brief asked for brand merch that would appeal to Gen Z. I suggested LPs that they'll likely never listen to.


Design Penguin merchandise that builds brand affinity with the next generation of readers.


Penguin revolutionized the book market with the introduction of the paperback in 1935. Innovations in digital and audio have built upon the accessibility and affordability of literature since. Today, Penguin aims to appeal to the next generation of readers.


As readers have turned into listeners, Penguin has lost one of its greatest tools in building brand recognition – a physical product. 

This presents an opportunity for the brand to adopt Gen Z’s favorite brand love language: merch.


Today, physical copies are more similar to merch than media.

In another physical turned digital category, Gen Z's leading a nostalgia-steeped trend with the resurgence of vinyl sales. 27% more likely to purchase vinyl than the average listener, their favorite artists top vinyl sales charts (Taylor Swift, Harry Styles, and Olivia Rodrigo), while only 50% of those buying records actually own record players.


Leverage LPs as they’re utilized today, tokens of fandom to be collected and displayed, with limited edition Penguin Audiobooks on Vinyl.


Penguin on Vinyl

In-sleeve QR code provides access to a digital copy of the audiobook.

Digital Drops

Exclusively on Penguin's website.

Limiting quantities makes these collector’s pieces all the more covetable.

Beginning with a series that's known for its collectible memorabilia.

Product Extensions

Opening the door to additional merchandise opportunities.

Branded turntables, headphones, and speakers that double as bookends can enhance the listening and/or display experience.

The Team

Erica Mendel (CW), Nina Stitt (CW), Grace Hudson (AD), Nica Mendoza (XD)