emily day / brand strategist

Ramen | Do more with ramen.

Creative Brief

The memories of former ramen lovers helped us recognize the product’s power of productivity. Revisiting the brief, I improved its chances of coming to life with an audience and thought starters that aligned with the product benefits of price and performance.


Help ramen to succeed post-grad.


Momofuku Ando invented flash-fried noodles to be quickly prepared with just boiling water. The practicality of this dish led to its wide adoption in Ando's home country and eventually our own. Among Japanese audiences, instant ramen outranks karaoke and Pokemon as the best invention of the 20th century, so why is it that U.S. consumers are reluctant to confess their love for ramen?


Ramen carries the stigma of a last resort meal for budgeting college students.


Ramen means busy as much as it means budget.


With an activation that emulates Ando's innovative thinking, show young professionals that they can do more with ramen.

The Team

Dillon Key (ST), Allison Fitzgerald (ST)