emily day / brand strategist

SodaStream | Far from flat.

Campaign + Brand Partnership

To uncover a painful product insight and point of differentiation for a struggling brand, I boiled down a chemist's white paper on carbonation to 'the science behind seltzer.'


Breathe new life into a forgotten kitchen appliance.


To cut down on sugar, consumers are replacing sodas with seltzers that satisfy their carbonation cravings. While the CPG category continues to see growth, the DIY version is in a rut.


The seltzer category lacks soda's sugar, but also its brand personality, with a misperception that all seltzer's are one and the same.


Consumers love seltzer for the same reason they love spice; carbon dioxide triggers pain receptors in the mouth.

While humans avoid carbon dioxide in most cases, seltzer drinkers seek it out. SodaStream's customizable carbonation levels give the brand an edge by allowing consumers to unlock higher degrees of effervescent intensity.


Show that SodaStream's untapped carbonation levels are far from mainstream, providing the category's boldest bubbles to those who find pleasure in pain.


Far from flat.

Art direction takes inspiration from fashion, as the purchase of a SodaStream machine requires upfront consumer investment. Nodding to varying degrees of intensity, models personify the brand with their individual style.

Paid placements feature sonic branding that emulates the carbonation process' satisfying sound.

Brand Partnership

By partnering with a boutique hotel brand, we’ll intercept consumers where they’re trying new things and spending discretionary income.

Moxy guests enjoy in-room seltzer, in addition to in-room coffee, during their stay. Accompanying signage encourages taking SodaStream home.

The Team

Lara Novarro (CW), Kendall Boron (AD), Alyssa Moreno (AD), Dillon Key (ST)